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The truth about life purpose

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The truth about life's purpose is that there isn’t any.

Any other than living it the best way you can according to your own innate talents, skills and wishes, without ever trying to be something you’re not because there is always a hidden purpose behind everything that you are not allowed or compelled to do, or to be.

Unfortunately, we spend so much time chasing dreams that don’t even belong to us and trying to fulfil parental and societal expectations that often we completely forget, or don’t even manage to understand, who we really are.

We become so focused on whatever everyone else says: we should be, or we should do, that we end up wasting precious time in our lives doing things we don’t want or just don’t care about with the sad desire and intent to please others.

In the end we get to a point in our lives where we find ourselves broken and lonely: once there we finally understand that the only person that we should live for is ourselves.

But where do you start when you have never done it before?

How do you do it when you have no idea what living for yourself even is and finding out the answer to these questions is such an arduous journey?

Isn’t it easier to keep looking for people and external validation to fill your inner void?

It sure is, even more so when you manage to find the right person, the one that will give you all that external validation that you crave so you don’t need to look further or go deeper, but most of the time it will just be a temporary patching up until the next upheaval strikes, or that same person suddenly disappoints you.

No matter how arduous the journey is, or how lonely it gets, you should never settle for external validation of any kind and you should never stop growing and examining every bit of happiness you get, asking yourself:

“Is this real? Is it something that I am doing for myself or for another? Is this a state of happiness or serenity that I would manage to keep independently of the attitude or actions of others? “

If the answer is: “no” it doesn’t mean that your happiness is not valid but just that it is not build on very stable grounds and should be ready for sudden changes and be willing to embrace them if they come.

Much love &light to you my reader and see you on the next venture!

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