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Embracing change

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We cry and despair over a breakup even when the relationship was bad and unfulfilling, we do the same over losing a job even when we hated every minute of it.We do it with any kind of change of scenery even when that same scenery was keeping us trapped in a miserable life that we didn’t enjoy.We go insane over having to leave a place we lived in, even when we hated everything about it.We do this without realising that we are not actually crying over that person, that job we lost, or that place we’ve moved on-from, which was in any case doing more harm than good.

We cry over losing our comfort zone and having to face our fears.

A simple change in perspective and life could get so much easier. Whenever we are not profoundly happy and fulfilled in life, we should learn to celebrate changes, endings and even abandonment, as we celebrate the coming of a new season, looking forward to the opportunities it brings instead of focusing on whatever is that we think we have lost.

It's time for us to understand that there is nothing sadder in life than getting so comfortable in a bad situation that we refuse to accept any change or face any challenge that life will throw at us. There's nothing more capable of annihilating the unlimited potential of life than choosing to embrace the fear of the unknown and the illusion of safety over the much more exciting option of going for our dreams no matter how farfetched they might seem.

We must learn to stop attaching our own value as human beings to what we possess. We must stop believing that we are the place we live in, the job we have at any given time, the money in our bank account or even the family we come from. We are none of those things!

What we are is unlimited potential and it only depends on ourselves if this potential will ever be fulfilled.

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